#52weekchallenge – week 2 & 3

I will be honest with you – things didn’t go exactly as planned. But they never do, do they? So first the good changes I have made since the last post. Since my sister arrived… View Post

52weekchallenge – week 1

So here we go. The first week is pretty much over. The first few days we were still holidaying in New York which made the exercise part quite easy since we were walking all day… View Post

Winter Wonderland

It’s been forever that I spent Christmas in Germany so I was very keen on going home for Christmas and showing the kids a German style Christmas. We had the forecast for snow for Christmas… View Post

Life lately… June 2014

We are officially counting down the days until we are leaving Fiji for good to move to Ireland! So priorty is to saok up as much sun as we can and spend our time on… View Post