Exploring Gili Air

Gili Air is one of the three Gili islands just west of Lombok. I read a lot abut the Gilis, so while we were in Bali, we decided to book a few nights on Gili Air. We stayed at the Elephant Lodge and really enjoyed it. The only have a few bungalows, so you have the pool mostly to yourself. The beach is just a minutes walk away and there are plenty of restaurants in walking distance.
Gili Air is so small that you can walk around it in about 2 hrs or cycle – which we did – in about 45 min. Part of the trek are very sandy, so we had to push the bikes or cycle along the beach.
The Gili island are fabulous for snorkling, diving and all sorts of water sports. You can go on daytrips to Lombok or simply relax on the beach and go kayaking around the island.
There are no cars on the island, so you can either cycle or take a horse & carriage to get around – or simply walk. Everything is pretty much in walking distance.
Gili is a place like no other I have ever been – days here can become month and you could end up never wanting to leave.