20 Things I’ve Learned over the last 30 years


  1. Family comes first. Always.
  2. Follow your dreams. They might change but that’s ok.
  3. Trust your guts – 95% of the time you’re right.
  4. You are never to old to try something new.
  5. Money doesn’t buy happiness. But having money makes life a lot easier.
  6. Things often don’t work out the way you imagined them – but that’s often for the better.
  7. Life’s to short for bad wine, food, coffee and company.
  8. Never stop learning and be interested in new things.
  9. Make moments count. Spend time with your family and friends – even if it;s just a few minutes on the phone.
  10. Be the person you would want to meet. Be kind and generous – you don’t know what people are dealing with personally.
  11. Travel.Travel. Travel. Any chance you get.
  12. Collect memories not things. Invest in creating memories rather then buying another toy, pair of shoes… (not always of course, but sometimes)
  13. Don’t try to be the same as everybody else, be different and be your personal best. There are some things you can not change about your appearance, so stop comparing yourself to others. Simply try to be your own best.
  14. Focus on your strengths now your weaknesses.
  15. Don’t spend next month wages. Never.
  16. Your relationship and marriage changes and there are times that it’s not easy. Work on it. It’s worth it.
  17. Success come with a price.
  18. Laugh lines are worth it.
  19. Stop moaning and complaining about things you can’t change. Build a bridge and get over it.
  20. Sunsets will forever be my favourite time of the day. On the beach. With a cocktail in hand.

And just to round it up, here are some images of my 30th birthday! Looking forward to the next 30 to come – hopefully just as bright as the last!

We spend a few days over my birthday on Tokoriki Island, Fiji. It’s a beautiful adults only resort and it was simply amazing! My birthday itself, I was lucky to have my sister over for a visit and  we went for a gorgeous dinner at Flying Fish followed by cocktails with friends and lots of dancing!


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  • Frank

    I would find a way to say all that you’ve just said and include that
    Gods greatest gift is our Life and what we do with that life, is our
    gift to him.