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Welcome on the blog Malin! Please tell us a little bit about yourself!

MalinMy name is Malin Dahlberg and I am a 25 year old girl from the small town Söderköping, Sweden. I grow up here with my sister and parents and a lot of animals. I am a very restless person that always want to try something new which had let to that I moved away from home when I was 16 to study animal care at high school, then graphic design in the university and currently I am working as a baker. I now, it does not make any sense what so ever. But that’s my life. And since I am like that I also, of course, love to travel. Been backpacking around Asia with my sister, interrail around Europe with a friend from university and went on a working holiday in Australia by myself. My next trip is USA that I am leaving to in a week. When I am out travel I love to see the small hidden gems that not everyone has heard of and that are why I like to share my town with you.

I love Söderköping because…?

It is a really cute town with its cobblestone alleys and little rivers and ice cream-shops. It just has a really warm and relaxing atmosphere and you can walk around and just relax.

Söderköping is famous for?

The town has a lot of history from all the way back to the 1100th. It has been an important town for kings and if you are interested in history, then there is a lot for you to learn here. Today, the most people who visiting Söderköping is there passing through with their boats on the canal that begins right outside of Söderköping and goes the whole way through Sweden to Göteborg. They stop here and visit the very famous Ice Cream-restaurant “Smultronstället” that during a hot summer day can have a waiting-line up to 300m.  But it is worth it, the Ice Creams are huge and very good!


Best time to visit?

Summer! In summer there is a lot of activities and shops open. In the fall everything is closing up and the town is going into its winter sleep.

Best place to stay (on a budget, luxury, etc)?

If you have a bigger budget, Söderköpings Brunn is your choice; it is very close to centrum and has a nice park right outside. If you are on a bit of a tight budget you can either camp or stay in a room at Korskullens Camping.


Best neighbourhoods to explore?

The whole city. It such a small place that you easy can explore it all.

Markets and shopping?

There is not a lot of shopping to do here, next to the canal there is some summer shops but if you want to go for real shopping I suggest you go to the bigger city Norrköping about 15 km from here.

Best place for a cocktail?

Restaurant Rådhuset in the centrum usually has some really nice music during summer nights and here you can also get a cocktail or bear.

Best place to watch the sunset?

On your walk around the canal


You can’t visit Söderköping without eating…?

Again, the Ice Cream on Smultronstället!


If you only have 48 hours in Söderköping, what should we do and see?

Take a walk around the canal, watch the boats go through the sluice, have an Ice Cream and take a climb up the stairs to the little gazebo up on the mountain and look out over the town. On your second day you should rent a car and go out to the archipelago Stegeborg where you can have a swim and eat a good meal at the harbor restaurant.

Mayor events and festivals?

The last weekend in August every year the whole weekend the town turns into middle age. People is wearing clothes from the middle age, there is a market where you can by armors, arrows, food, clothes and a lot more. There is tricksters performing on the streets, tournament in the park, fire shows at night and the streets is lightning up with torches. This year is the 10th anniversary for the banquet, so don´t miss it!

musicians_at_the_banquet fire_show_at_the_banquet2 fire_show_at_the_banquet

Best souvenir to take home?

Mostly your memories and photos to be honest.

Getting around?

Walk, like mention before, it is a small place.


Best day trip?

It is about 2 hours from Stockholm and you can go with train, bus, boat or car. If you don´t have a lot of time on your vacation, you can absolutely have just one day in our little town and still see the most of it.

Out and about?

Söderköping is great for everyone that loves the outdoor training! There are a lot of running paths in the forests and you can walk or bike along the canal for as long as you feel and then turn around. There is also an outdoor pool for the public that is adjusted for both kids and grownups.

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