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Hi Emilie and welcome on the blog! Please tell us a little bit about yourself! 

EmilieHello ! I’m Emilie. A 32 years old French girl from Paris. I was born in Paris, raised in the very close suburbs and came back to live in Paris after I finish my law degree. I really love traveling (solo or with my friends and family) and I came back from my first round-the-world journey in the beginning of January 2015.
 I write about my travels on my blog (all in french) and on Facebook

I love Paris because…

 First of all, I love Paris because it’s my hometown. I know this city by heart and I learned to love every part of it, even the bad ones (because, yes, it’s true, Paris can be dirty, Parisians may be rude and stressful and the parisian subway can be an other version of hell).

I also love the fact that you could find art and history almost everywhere in the town : Le Louvre, Notre Dame de Paris, the Eiffel Tower, the area of « Le Marais », Pigalle, Montmartre…. There is so many things to see and do. There is always a new exhibition, a new shop a new restaurant to discover….

 Paris is also such a good place for shopping (even if it gets easily quite expensive). You could find almost everything you want.
And, of course, if you like food, Paris is THE place to be (just be careful not to go to touristic places) and eating and talking about food is one of the favorite activity of Parisians. moulin-rouge-392147_1920

Paris is famous for…

Paris is famous for sooo many things ! It’s hard to select just one thing. May be the Eiffel tower is the most famous must-see in Paris….

Best time to visit…

You could visit Paris at any time of the year. As the weather could be quite unpredictable, it’s hard to tell if you’ll have a good weather or not. Sometimes we have amazing winters, and bad summers, sometimes it’s the contrary, and sometimes we have awful winters and awful summers… But there is always something to do according to the weather 😉 Maybe one of the best time is August. You’ll have a chance for good weather and the area is more quiet than usual because a lot of Parisians are gone for holidays. But, in the other hand, a lot of pretty cool restaurants and shops are closed….

Best place to stay?

It’s hard to say and will depends mostly of your interests.
My favourite area to stay will be the 9th arrondissement (that you could translate by 9th district). Between Pigalle and Montmartre it’s a lovely place. It’s very convenient to visit Paris and it’s a busy area so you could find restaurants, bars and trendy shops. If you had the chance, you could also try to find a place to stay in a part of the 17th arrondissement called « Les Batignolles » (between Champs-Elysées and Montmartre area). It’s like a small village inside Paris !
If you can, avoid 19th and 20th arrondissement (except Nation area which is quite convenient to explore Paris) as well as some part of the 18th (like « Barbes). It’s not the most convenient places to visit Paris and not always very safe. 


Best neighbourhoods to explore?

It will depends of what you like ! 
I really love the neighbourhood called « Le Marais ». It’s full of charming little streets, private mansions (« hotels particuliers »), old building, nice shops and coffee. It’s also the Jewish and the gay part of Paris ! 
 You may also love the Japanese neighbourhood of Paris along « rue Sainte Anne » near the Opera.
 And Montmartre is a « must-see » (even if I find it to touristic. You won’t find a lot of true parisian wandering around).

 Markets and shopping?

 There are so many places…. Here are a few of my favorites places : 


Here are some of my favorites restaurants : 
Aubergine : 46, rue des Dames in the 17th (subway station Place de Clichy)
Quai 2121 Quai des Grands Augustins in the 6th (subway station Saint Michel)
L’endroit : 67, place du Docteur Félix Lobligeois in the 17th (subway station Rome)
Au petit chavignol : 78, rue de Tocqueville in the 17th (subway Malesherbes)
Un air de famille : 118 rue des Dames in the 17th (subway station Villiers)
Drouant : 18-16 rue Gaillon in the 2th arrondissement. Drouant is a fancy restaurant and could be quite expensive. But, on Sunday you could eat a very good roasted chicken with home made french fries for 18 euros per person 
Albion : 80 rue du Faubourg Poissonnière in the 10th arrondissement (subway Poissonnière)
And if you want to go for a brunch you could also try :
Le Loir dans la Théière : 3 rue des rosiers (subway station : Saint Paul). In the heart of the jewish area in Le Marais. The brunch is very nice, but you could also go for lunch or for tea time. Perfect if you plan to do some shopping in the neighborhood or if you plan to visit Picasso Museum. 
Le Quai : Quai Anatole France in the 1st arrondissement (subway station : ) The restaurant is on a barge in the Seine river, so it’s better to go there if the weather is good. Perfect if you plan to visit Orsay Museum after that.
Tartes Kluger : 15 rue Trousseau in the 11th arrondissement (subway station : Ledru Rollin or Charonne)
Claus : 14 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau in the 1st arrondissement (subway : Palais Royal Musée du Louvre or Louvre Rivoli). Next door you could also have a look to the famous shoes shop Louboutin 🙂
Holybelly : 19 rue Lucien Sampaix in the 10th arrondissement (subway station : Jacques Bonsergent). After the brunch you could go for a walk alongside Canal Saint Martin.


 If you’re looking for Parisian fashion, you could go to this brands (which, I admit, are quite expensive) : Sandro, Maje, Bel Air, Repetto (for shoes, especially ballerinas). For a better price you could go to the Sandro outlet 26 rue de Sévigne in the 4th arrondissement.
Anne et Marion : 58 rue des Dames in the 17th arrondissement (subway station Rome) Lovely litltle shop with an amazing selection of clothes, jewels and bags.
Apara Store : 16 rue Etienne Marcel in the 2d arrondissement (subway station Etienne Marcel)
If you’re looking for decoration and lovely objects :
French Touche : 1, rue Jacquemont in the 17th arrondissement (subway station La Fourche)
Les Fleurs : 6 passage Josset in the 11the arrondissement (subway station Ledru Rollin)

Best place for a cocktail?

Here are two of my favourite cocktail bars :
 – Kabanito : 11, rue des Tournelles in the 4th arrondissement (subway station : Bastille) among the best cocktail bar of Paris. With my friends it’s our « headquarter ». 
– Dirty Dick : 10, rue Frochot in the 9th arrondissement (subway station : Pigalle) Yes, it’s the real name of the bar ! It was a brothel and now it’s a tiki bar where you could have amazing Hawaiian cocktails ! 

But for a true French (and Parisian) experience, you should definitively go to a bar wine bar ! You could swipe one (or more) glass of French wine while eating delicatessen (cold plates with mixed meats, for example ham, different types of sausages and other pork products) and of cheese.
Here are three of my favorites : 
– L’ébéniste du vin72 rue Boursault in the 17th arrondissement (subway station : Rome).
L’ane et la mule 14 rue Guisarde in the 6th arrondissement (subway station : Mabillon or Saint Germain des Prés)
Les caves populaires : 22 rue des Dames in the 17th (subway station : Place de Clichy)


Best place to watch the sunset?

There are lotsof places to watch sunset of Paris.

 Here are some of my favorites spots : 
– Top of the Arc de Triomphe
– Montparnasse Tower
– Eiffel Tower
– rooftop of the Printemps Haussmann (winch is one of the shopping malls of Paris)
– Pont des arts (Art’s bridge), Pont neuf  (New Bridge which Zfunnily is the oldest bridge of Paris) or Pont Alexandre III (Alexander the 3rd Bridge)
– Sacré Coeur (in Montmartre)

You can’t visit Paris without eating…

A lot of tourists are going to Ladurée and you can queue for ages before their coffee and shop in Champs-Elysées (prefer the one rue royale if you want to go for tea time) but for me they are a little bit overrated.

Prefer Pierre Hermé (there are several shops among Paris).  It’s a little bit more expensive, but so much better ! 


If you only have 48 hours in Paris, what should we do and see?

Start with a flyboat trip (« Les navettes du Pont Neuf » are the best). It’s the best way to have a glimpse to the main monuments of Paris. It also offers a very good view of the Eiffel Tower.
After the trip, go explore l’Ile Saint Louis and l’Ile de la Cité (and have an ice-cream at Berthillon), have a walk on the Pont des Arts (Art’s Bridge) and make a stop to visit Notre Dame de Paris. If you wan’t to have lunch around the area, you can avid touristic places by going to « La Fourmi ailée » (8 Rue du Fouarre in the 5th arrondissement).
 You could then go explore le Quartier Latin or take the subway to go to Trocadero and seen the Eiffel Tower more closely.
 On the following day, start early with the Louvre Museum. Select which part of the Museum you want to see has you can’t see the whole museum in just one day. after your visit go to the Tulieries Garden, Concorde place and then the Champs-Elysées until the Arc de Triomphe.
paris-442975_1920 the-louvre-690929_1280

Mayor events and festivals?

There is not a lot of mayor events or of festivals in Paris.
  1.  If you had the chance, don’t miss « Bastille Day » (14th of July) – And on the evening of the 14th, go to Tour Montparnasse. You’ll have an amazing view of the fireworks shoot from the Eiffel Tower.
  2. On the evening of the 13th of July, don’t miss going to a « fire men ball ». (There is one in every fire station of Paris and it’s a very popular event.)

Best souvenir to take home?

A box of macaron and a good bottle of wine.

Getting around?

Getting around in Paris is pretty easy. Even if Parisians like to complain about the transportation network in Paris (dirty, crowed during rush hour…) it works quite well. There is always a subway station and/or a bus stop near the main places in Paris.

Just be careful if you want to go out at night. Last subway is around 00h30 during week days and 1H30 on Saturday evening.

Best day trip from Paris ?

  1. the cultural one : go for one day to visit Versailles castle versailles-675070_1920 versailles-782249_1920
  2. the artistic one (if the weather is good) : go to Giverny and visit the house and the garden of the painter Claude Monet (father of the impressionist movement)giverny
  3. the fun one : go spend the day in Disneylanddisney-castle-269763_1920

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