5 min with… Sandra Harty from A Modern Mommy’s World


Tell us about yourself! 

My same is Sandra Harty Conway, I am a 32 year old mommy to my funny Finn and Mad Millie. Finn is 4 and is a budding artist and Millie is 2 and half and thinks she is the boss. I am married for nearly 8 years to my hubby Paul who is the most creative person I know and he could literally make something from nothing. I am a fully qualified beauty therapist but work part time in my family’s transport business. I filled in for my sister when she went on maternity leave and what do know, I am still here 9 years later. I really would love to get back into fashion/beauty sector and my dream would be to be able to make a living from blogging but isn’t that every bloggers dream.

What inspired you to start blogging? 

I started blogging after suffering from PDN, I wanted to get back in touch with the more creative side of me that I lost along the way. I first started doing a little bit of beauty therapy work from my home, but found it difficult with the two kids and working part-time  to do a lot of appointments and I felt I wanted to reach more people, and so A Modern Mommy’s World was born. It started out as a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog but I some realized it was fast becoming somewhat of a personal dairy. My first personal post on Motherhood got such a great response and I felt I had connected with other mothers maybe having a bad day or a difficult time adjusting to motherhood. And so somehow I started opening up a lot more and just being honest about day to day life of a mommy.

What drives you to keep blogging?

The main thing that drives me to keep going is the response from readers. It is an amazing feeling when women get in touch with you and say “thanks for sharing that post, its good to know I’m not the only one”. If you can make someone feel that someone else understands them for a moment and knows what they are going though, then how can you not continue to strive to do that. I have written about our time with Finn in the Nicu, my PND, my miscarriages, and my uterine rupture and after each of these posts I felt I connected with my readers. A girl whose son was in the Nicu, next to Finn, read my post and remembered us and we connected,  a girl I went to school with years ago connected with me after she had spent months in the Nicu with her triplets, another women who had also suffered uterine rupture read my post and we connected. I feel extremely honoured that these women got in touch with me after reading my posts. I have so much more faith in myself since I started blogging, I have realized that I can be a mommy and still love my fashion and beauty. I have found something I love to do, I have realized I am an okay writer, not great but okay and I feel very comfortable in who I am since blogging and all of these things drive me to keep going. And of course the hope that some day I might make some money from it or it may lead to some good opportunities for me in the fashion/beauty sector.

What will readers find on your blog?

Readers will find lots of style and fashion posts, lots of personal stories of some difficult times, my monthy beauty favourites, Product reviews, a couple of nail tutorials, beauty tips for busy moms, some cupcake receipes and fondant tutorials, what I wore posts and posts about different events I’ve attended. You also fine some photography posts of the kids over the holidays.

Describe your perfect day!

My perfect day would be to wake up at around 9 am feeling very refreshed, and get lots of cuddles from Finn and Millie. We would have a nice long brekie together with no rushing or racing. The kids would be in great form with no tantrums or fighting. I can’t really come up with an exact location for our perfect day, maybe for it more about just  being completed contented on this day, with lots of fun and laughs and enjoying the kids playing and making fun family memories of their childhood, Of course I would have my camera and where ever we were I would get the most amazing shots of the kids to remain us always of this perfect, contented, happy smiling day.

Where do you shop?

I do my grocery shopping in Lidl. For kids clothes I usually buy in Penneys or H&M when I can get there, because the nearest is in Athlone. If we have a special occasion I usually get stuff from Next for the kids and I love the Next sale for kids clothes. For myself Its mostly Penneys, I love Zara and  RiverIsland, and also Newlook has some nice bits. Online I like Asos and love chicwish.


What are your 5 beauty essentials you can’t live without?

Liquid eyeliner, it’s a must, I started wearing liquid liner about 17 years ago and it’s my one must have make-up product. Wet N Wild lipsticks, because they are super cheap but last all day and I love the colours. My Urban decay naked 2 palette because I love the fact you can so many colour combinations from it and the pigment is fab. A good concealer and at the minute I am loving the Isa Dora colour corrector palette and the Maybelline Age eraser. And finally water, drinking at least two litres of water a day is an essential part of my beauty routine. You need to hydrate from the inside out. We all know how dull your skin can look when you dehydrated, so for me water is a must.

What should be in every women’s wardrobe this summer?

A pair of white skinnies. Yellow somewhere, either shoes, bag or blazer, everyone needs some yellow in their life, Florals, either pants, playsuit or dress, You can’t do Summer without something floral in your wardrobe. And finally it has to be nude heels because they go with nearly everything and look fab with your white skinnies.

What do you wish you had more of in your life?

Patience and time and maybe a bit more money. Its not that I don’t have any patience, It’s just with young kids you need a lot and it would make for a much easier life if I just had a little bit more. Time, oh yes, I think everyone would like more time in the day, I would love more time in the mornings, so as not to be rushing out the door, More time to blog, more time to clean the house and of course more time to just relax and enjoy the kids and the age they are at. Money, because, come on who doesn’t want to bit more money, of course it’s not top of the list but it would be nice.

What’s your favourite ‘me time’ activity?

Shopping, hense why I would like more money lol. It is one thing you can’t do with kids, and so when I get the chance I love nothing more than to browse the shops and try on clothes and see what’s out there at the minute. A good two hours in Penneys early morning when its quite, would be my ideal “me time” activity, of course while I’m dreaming, maybe throw in a nice long soak in the bath when I get home.

You have a night off (the kids) and unlimited funds: what do you do?

Myself and Paul would fly to Amsterdam and enjoy a gorgeous five course meal at the Supperclub, an amazing nightclub come restaurant venue. We book into a suite at a fab five star hotel, maybe the Dylan. And of course it would have to con inside with a Bruno Mars Concert and we would get Vip passes, and dance the night away like young ones. Ah well a girl a dream


What are your top 3 favourite places in Ireland?

Connemara, My family have a house in Maumeen in Connemara, right on the pier. It is stunning back there,the house overlooks the water. There is very little to do which is part of the charm and  it is so peaceful, well at least until we get a few drinks into us. We always have such crack back there and the family have such great memories from our stay’s  there. I also have great memories from a drunken night back there with a fab group of friends and an Ann Summers party( won’t say anymore, November Mommies you know what I mean). Next favourite place would be Doolin in Clare, a stunning spot on the sea, full of Guinness, trad music and lively fun Irish atmosphere. Another part of the country I always remember fondly is Co. Cork, all the way down to Mizen Head. My parents did a cycle from Mizen to Malin head years ago, and I always remember Cork as being such a beautiful part of the country, I really need to head back down there some time soon with Paul and the kids.


What’s your favourite holiday destination and why should we go there?

Has to be Albufeira in Portugal, There are some absolutely breath taking beaches about 4 km west of Albufeira in the area of Gale. My favourite has got to be Praia de Arrifes, a beautiful small cove off the beaten path and it has the most amazing fish restaurant called Restaurante A Sarhinda. I love the food in Portugal, they have the nicest fish and they are so family friendly. Another place I loved and we are actually heading there in 6 weeks for holidays, is Lake Garda in Italy. I can’t wait to visit the beautiful little town of Sirmione again. And another most see is the cable car up Malcesine Mountain.

Which two other blogger would you like to see on the blog?

There are just too many of them to name to be honest, but having read all the bloggers you have featured, I know I will like whoever you decide.

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