5 min with… Louise from I’m a little vegan

Welcome Louise from I’m a little vegan on the blog today! I have been following Louise for a few month now and even though I am not vegan (not yet) I have been loving all her fantastic recipes, especially her huge collection of healthy delicious juices! Please make sure to head over to her page and leave some love!
Have a great weekend!

What inspired you to start blogging?

Last year I had been playing around with the idea of starting a happy vegan page that could assist people on their plant based journey through tips and tricks and recipes but unfortunately my nerves were getting the better of me that and the fact that I was technologically challenged! so I kept putting it off until one night over a glass of wine… ok a bottle! the dutch courage kicked in and I posted my first recipe. To my delight it began to grow from there and I haven’t looked back.

What drives you to keep blogging?

The motivation and goodwill I receive from everyone following the page is hands down the number one driving force keeping little vegan going. I love what I do and receiving messages from people daily who have decided to take the leap to a plant based lifestyle all because of my page is a phenomenal feeling but again there is no possible way I could have maintained this consistency and belief in myself and how I choose to promote veganism if it hadn’t been for their support. So thank you little vegan followers!

What will your readers find on your blog?

Food, food, juices, lots of those corny motivational quotes we love to hate, way too many pictures of sunsets and sunrises, daily adventures with my canine companion Buddy and more food. If your image of vegan food is lettuce leaves and carrots than I urge you to come along and follow my page. Pizzas, ice cream, chocolate cake, pastries its all there!

Please share your favourite recipe with us!

Just one! Now you’re being mean. Impossible. I have a new one everyday. I have a ritual of “Friday night pizza night” on the page every week which is always popular and an easy one that everyone can try so I’ll choose one of those.  (Find some recipes here)

Describe your perfect day!

Have my morning juice, go for an run, pop to a farmers market, make a enormous picnic and head to the sea with friends/family and finish off the day with a glass of vino. Its the simple pleasures!

Where do you shop?

If it sells food or kitchen appliances you’re sure to find me there. I love all the amazing farmers markets in Cork, the Quay co-op is a regular haunt too and you’ll often find me nosing in thrift shops and mother Jones flea market for anything kitchen orientated. Clothes and shoes take second place. I have been known to go in to town for a dress for a wedding and arrive home with a whole new set of crockery. I am a marketers dream ha ha.

What do you wish you had more of in your life?

An attention span! How late was I in getting these questions back to you? Ahem… I get distracted veeeeery easily and am always flitting about the place doing 50 things. I suppose I used to see it as a negative thing and beat myself up about procrastinating but I’ve realized it holds some value too and I usually get my best ideas when I’m doing the opposite of the task in hand ha ha. Every cloud…

Whats your favourite “me time” activity?

Daydreaming and spending time alone in nature! As I wrote that line I thought oh Louise you sound like a crazy vegan hermit but its the truth. Its a huge contradiction given so much of my life is on the little vegan page but I just love spending time by myself. I use/need it to recharge.

What your number one holiday destination and why should we go there?

So many to choose from but the city I seem to return to time and time again is Barcelona. I love its laid back feel and getting lost in the maze of little streets There are an abundance of eateries with vegan friendly options too and that’s before you start to explore the incredible architecture and history. A real gem of a city.

You have a night off and unlimited funds: what do you do?

A gigantic vegan party of course!

What are your top 3 favourite places in Cork/Ireland?

-Ahakista outside Bantry in Cork is my secret hideaway. I would happily move down there in the morning. Beautiful scenery, lots of vegan friendly spots in neighbouring villages and town and utter solitude!

-Closer to home its hard to beat the cliffs at Ballycotton on a fine day. Spectacular!

-I lived in Dublin a few years back and used love heading to Glendalough in Wicklow on my days off. I have some really fond memories of hiking around that area by myself, daydreaming with a vegan picnic ha ha.

What are you favourite bars and restaurants in Cork/Ireland?

Its so exciting to see how many place in Cork and Ireland are adapting menus to suit plant based eaters. I’ve noticed an enormous change even in the last year. I have so many favourite haunts but 3 of my regular spots in Cork are Iyers on Popes Quay, Liberty grill on Washington st and Jacobs on the mall. I could pretty much eat Iyers morning, noon and night. Drooling even thinking about it. Liberty grill is just fantastic too for us little vegans. Lots of options for brekkie, lunch and dinner and Jacobs has a full 3 course vegan menu on permanently. Chef Trish Lewis has done amazing things over the last year growing this menu.

Which two other blogger would you like to see on the blog.


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Two beautiful ladies!

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