Things that make me happy

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    1. Fresh flowers – I wish I could afford to constantly have a selection in my room, or that my actual garden didn’t become full of weeds so quickly so that I could have them around me more often!
    2. My children – I have had so many proud moments lately – seeing them at swimming lessons, seeing them perform at school and simply that they could have not turned out better (despite the occasional tantrums)
    3. Photography – I absolutely love my camera and all the memories and great times I get to capture and make last forever
    4. Living in Cork- we have moved around a lot, across several different countries, and now living in Cork I actually feel like we are here to stay. Being so close to my parents and  so many fantastic destinations in Europe, America and Africa makes it so much easier to travel from here.
    5. Eating out. Cork and Ireland has a fantastic food culture – while I love shopping at Farmer’s Markets and the English Market, it’s great to see so many new places opening and I just love to try out new restaurants and food places.
    6. Exploring – Since we only moved here about 10 month ago, I try to explore new places in Ireland as often as possible. It doesn’t matter if it’s just somewhere down the road or a few hours drive away. Ireland has a great heritage and plenty of castles, parks and amazing nature right on our doorstep.
    7. Starting a new book. I don’t have as much time as I used to have anymore but I try to read a few pages every night. And starting a new book from on of my favourite authors is just special.
    8. Being out and about in the countryside – we just went to Mr.SKD’s grandpa and he’s living in the country and we had so much fun being outdoors, taking the dogs for a walk and the kids went horse riding. It was great to be away from the traffic and hustle and bustle and just enjoy the fresh air and long walks.
    9. Meeting new people. I am lucky to have met a lot of amazing people through my business and I love listening to their stories.
    10. Going to the gym – I think for the first time ever , I actually enjoy it. It’s the few hours a  week that I can focus on myself and clear my head and do something good for myself.
    11. Blogging – I started about a year ago and writing down all things I love and experiences I love to share has just been an amazing journey.
    12. Afternoon tea – I love trying out new places for afternoon tea and in Ireland the possibilities are just endless. From a small cozy cafe to many 5 star hotels and castles I think I never get bored of it.Not just the food but I love the atmosphere that makes it so special.
    13. Sunshine – I had the worst expectations about Irish weather but we had plenty of sunshine all through autumn and winter.

What makes you happy?