Throwback Thursday – Fota IMAGINE 2014

Fota IMAGINE was held on the grounds of  Fota Island Resort & Spa last November and December. It was a truly magical experience for the kids and we enjoyed it very much as well. The entire experience lasted for about an hour and with tickets being 20 Euro for kids and 12.50 Euro for adults I thought it was good value for money. The grounds were transformed in a magical winter wonderland. The elves were very busy getting ready for Christmas so the kids were asked to join in and become “Elves in training”. They had to participate in several acitivities and got stamps into their elf pass. After that a train took us to Cookie Dough Cottage where Mrs. Claus was busy making cookies and  hot chocolates were served. Last but not least after a short stroll through a winter wonderland we arrived at Santa’s lakeside lodge and got to meet him finally! Both kids got a really nice toy and it was a fabulous end to a great experience! We would definitely take the kids back this year!


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