Picasso Make up class

Picasso runs a make up course several times a year. Owner and make up artist Mickeala will teach you everything from bridal make up to smokey eyes. The course runs for 9 weeks every Tuesday night from 7-9pm.

Mickeala and make up artist Sophie show you how to do a certain look  first and then you get to practice on each other.
All make up that you’ll be using is by MAC but Mickeala will share with you which cheaper options they are on the market.
I really enjoyed the course.  I learned so much: How to apply eyelashes, which colours work best for my skin type, how to accentuate my eye shape, how to do a cat flick and lots more. And the great things is that you get lots of practice during the course. You will also have “homework” between classes where you’ll need to practice what you’ve learned during the week and o your family’s and friend’s make up.

The course with costing 350€ might not sound cheap but it’s definitely worth every cent.

On the last day, you’ll bring in a model and you have to apply the model#s make up – it could be anything from bridal to a certain theme. Once you pass your  exam you’ll get a certificate for the course.

The next course starts March 31st, 2015 but there’s only limited spaces available. To book your spot, call Picasso 0214270990.

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