Beat the November Blues

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As the days are getting much shorter, I have been feeling  more tired and not as energised as during spring and summer. November is usually grey and rainy and it’s getting much colder as well. But your mood doesn’t have to be affected by the grey weather.

Here a my few tips on how I beat the November blues.

  • Treat yourself (as if we would ever need an excuse!) – plan a weekend away, spend a day at the spa, try some new restaurants or simply buy yourself something nice. If you have something to look forward to, that we’ll keep you motivated.
  • Plan a party or dinner party at your house. Have a theme and ask your guests to each bring a dish that suits the theme. Get creative, it could anything as simple as an Italian or Chinese dinner or a colour theme – al dishes would have to green etc or you could ask your guests to bring along their favourite childhood dish… There are endless possibilities!
  • Relax! Get some good books,take a yoga class, learn meditation or just stay in bed on a rainy Sunday! No much you’ll be missing.
  • Embrace the season! There are certain things that you can only do in autumn and winter. Make the most out of it!
  • Invest a light box. Studies show that sitting in front of daylight lamps that are up to 10 times brighter than normal office laps can reduce the risks of winter depression by up to 85%
  • Go outside.  Put on some warm clothes and go for a walk, even on a cold and wet day. Walk to your favourite café and treat yourself to a slice of cake or a hot chocolate. That way, you’ll be active, get some fresh air and even a treat afterwards.
  • Decorate your house. Make sure the colours are bright and make sure to open all blinds and curtains to let in as much light as possible.
  • Clean your house spend some time decluttering.
  • Do the same with your wardrobe. Whatever you haven’t worn for more than twelve month, chances are high that you’ll never wear it again. And that way you’ll have plenty more space for new clothes!
  • Stay active and eat healthy. You’ll be much more energised when you eat healthy and do some moderate exercise, en just going for a walk for half an hour a day.


  • Take up a new hobby. It could be anything, maybe you always wanted to try salsa dancing (still on my list), or join the gym, learn an instrument. Whatever interests you.
  • Buy yourself some really good chocolate. The higher the percentage of the cocoa in the chocolate, the more Trytophan is in the chocolate, which is involved in the production of the feel  good hormone serotonin.

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  • Get your Christmas tree early. I love the warm light that you get from a beautiful decorated christmas tree. Even if it’s just a small one for your office desk.
  • Take your vitamins. Since vitamin D levels drop in winter time make sure to take a supplement. Studies have shown that they are very effective in treating seasonal depression.
  • Try aromatherapy. Some scents can affect your mood, help you relax and treat like depressions.
  • Buy beauty products that remind you of summer. Coconut scented oils, body lotion and bath oils work wonders. I love the Pure Fiji products, just smelling them brings back memories of sunny days by the pool…

So let me know what you think! What are your tips?