How to look glamorous on your beach holiday

Are you heading somewhere hot and sunny for the autumn school holidays?

  1. Here are a few tips on how to look glamorous on your beach holiday while you are having a cocktail on the pool bar, a long walk on the beach, sight seeing or just lounging by the pool…
  2. Choose floaty silhouettes that doesn’t cling to your body – I love kaftans and capes – these shown here are from Hidden Paradise (there online shop will be launching early next year)
  3. Opt for whites and bright bold colours and stay away from dark hues, they will attract the sun and heat
  4. Go for light and airy fabrics like cotton, silk and chiffon
  5. invest in some stylish sandals – think silvers and golds – with a heel or without metallic colour always look stylish and expensive
  6. Add some stylish accessories – big bangles, necklaces and rings, hats and printed scarfs add a personal note to every outfit

Beach Holiday Essentials

hidden paradise kaftan luxurious

hidden paradise luxurios kaftan

hidden paradise kaftan

hidden paradise dress