Autumn Delights

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Autumn is in full swing now and I have to say I am loving it! The colouring of the leaves, the nights are getting much shorter and Halloween is just around the corner and I am loving the whole atmosphere.
After having lived in Fiji for almost four years, I was really looking forward to having some proper seasons again. Fiji only has two – wet and dry season but the temperature is at 24 degrees during the day the lowest you will get. So here’s my chance to buy some new boots, jeans, some warm sweaters and scarfs. Besides the license to shop,

         here are my 10 reasons to love autumn:

  1. Finally a chance to wear warm cashmere jumpers, jeans and my so loved boots! And not to forget some fluffy pyjamas at night!
  2. I love decorating the house with candles – especially scented once. It makes the house so much warmer and welcoming! I love the scents “Milk & Cookies” and “Warm Spice” from Yankee candles but also the “Vanilla” from Dunnes.
  3. Having an excuse for hot baths! Don’t you love coming home after a long day, feeling a bit chilly and taking a hot bath with some scented oil that relaxes your muscles and your soul? Don’t forget a few candles and a nice glass of red wine!
  4. Hot chocolates! Who counts calories when you are cold and feeling like a nice warm drink. It doesn’t just warm you from the inside, it makes quite happy as well!
  5. Trying new teas. I am not much of a tea drinker usually. But when it gets colder outside I just love the scent and taste of some new herbal teas.
  6. A walk through the woods. I just love seeing all the different colours and the change of season. The musty smell of the falling leaves reminds me of warm fires and the kids truly enjoy throwing and kicking leaves and on a dry day it’s so beautiful to take in the last warmth of the sun rays.
  7. An excuse to go to the cinema more often or watch back to back episodes of your favourite shows! In summertime I hardly ever watch tv or go to the cinema. I try to spend as much time outside as possibly. When the days are getting shorter and definitely wetter as well, that’s the perfect excuse to have a movie night.
  8. Early nights and some really good reads! Going to bed with my new favourite books!
  9. Halloween! I love decorating with pumpkins and getting in the mood for Halloween!
  10. Comfort food. Finally time for some real comfort food – Bikini season is over!

… and once autumn is over, my favourite season starts: Christmas!

What’s your favourite thing about Autumn?

how to brighten up you mood 🙂