Life lately… June 2014

We are officially counting down the days until we are leaving Fiji for good to move to Ireland! So priorty is to saok up as much sun as we can and spend our time on the beach(es) and by the pool – watching the sunset while drinking a chilled glass of Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc and just enjoying the simple pleasures in life!
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The Sheraton Fiji Hotel and resort has been our home for almost four years – it is a fantastic place to be living and no matter which room your are staying in, you are never more then a 2 min walk away from the beach. The way the rooms are built, almost all of them have a beach view and you can sit outside watching the sunset.
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The kids and our nanny and good friend Kolae. She has been part of our family for three years looking after the kids and spoiling them! Fijians are great with kids and family place a huge role in the Fijian culture. The say in Fiji a whole village raises a child – everyone is involved and looking ot for each other.



We’ll surely miss this place and it will always hold special memories. I’d love to come back on day when the kids are older and show them where they spend a huge part of their childhood.